Privacy Policy

Commercial Capital of California does not collect personally identifying information, except with specific knowledge and consent, and never sells or offer contact information about our visitors to other companies, organizations or individuals. There’s no need to send us an “opt out” message to prevent your name from appearing on a list. Any information you provide goes only to the management of Commercial Capital. We do not sell or otherwise transfer the information to anyone.

When we ask for personal information to complete financing applications, credit authorizations or for any other purpose, we commit to keep your information private. We collect this information only for the purposes discussed with you. Commercial Capital of California never shares any of your confidential identifying data with another party without your explicit permission, and we never use it for any unapproved commercial purposes.

If you ever have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy, please send us an email. We welcome your feedback. You can also communicate with us via regular mail at the following address:

Commercial Capital of California
712 Bancroft Road; #295
Walnut Creek
CA 94598
Telephone: 925.933.6663