Can I get an SBA Loan if I was offered a non-SBA loan?

There are a couple of very basic requirements that a potential business owner has to meet in order to be eligible for an SBA loan. You have to:

  1. show you need the loan, and
  2. show that a lender will not provide you with a loan unless they can get an SBA guarantee for it.

In order to establish a lender needs an SBA guarantee to provide your loan, the lender has to determine that:

  1. you’re unable to obtain a loan on reasonable terms without a federal government guarantee, and
  2. you can’t qualify for a loan because of your limited business or personal resources.

In your case a lender has already offered you a conventional, non-SBA guaranteed loan. So by definition at least one lender does not need an SBA guarantee to provide you with a loan. This means you aren’t eligible for an SBA loan. Sorry.